Wednesday Gravel

For the past couple of months Wednesday evening has meant gravel Wednesday evening. Earlier this summer I built up a Twin Six/Handsome Cycles Speedy Devil, Singlespeed gravel grinder. It’s been a tremendous change in pace from the typical road training. In my short couple months experience I can conclude that gravel roads have almost zero traffic, tougher climbs and much better scenery than any paved roads, at least in Southern Minnesota.

With the season winding down I decided to change gears again and took the gravel grinder down to the new mountain bike trail in town. The trail is a very basic 1 mile loop with no significant hills and the only obstacles are a few log piles and what seems to be endless twists and turns. It’s definitely not the toughest riding you’ll find but on a rigid steel singlespeed with 700×32 tires it turned out to be quite the challenge. I actually went down 3 times. Twice my front tire washed out on leaf covered turns and the other time I did a complete superman after getting wide on a corner and plowing into a log. No doubt about it, it was a good time.

I find that it’s good to mix up the regular routine and to try different things. I wouldn’t ever want to building a training program around the off road CX ride but it was definitely a challenge and helped me build new skills. And much to my surprise, I snagged an off-road KOM on a SSCX!

Happy trails


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