Trail Maintenance

I think most mountain bikers have a love/hate relationship with trail maintenance. Let’s face it, maintaining a trail is hard work and how many of us get excited to not ride our bike to go do hard work? I’m guessing not too many hands went up. On the other hand, we love riding nice trails. Whether it’s raking leaves, clearing over growth, building berms or even cutting new trails, someone needs to do this. I can’t think of a trail system that isn’t maintained by public works or some other non-cycling resource. Our trails are maintained by us. When you’re shredding a sweet trail  or struggling through a trail that needs a little TLC just remember it’s you and your fellow mountain bikers that responsible for the trails and they need your help!

Next time you have an off day from cycling instead of sitting in front of the TV watching football feel free to grab a rake or a pair of trimmers and head down to your local trail to do your share. Every little bit helps!

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