My name is Dustin and I am a photo enthusiast.

I’ve been taking photos as long as I can remember. I’ve done weddings, concerts, commercial jobs and other paid gigs and none of them are as fun as just walking around with a camera. That’s where most of the images you see come from, just me walking around with a camera.

All the images on this site and on my Flickr page are licensed under the Creative Commons license. This means they are free for you to use as long as you credit me. That’s it! I actually encourage people to visit my pages and use my images on your websites & blogs. If you wish to use one of my images commercially or in print please contact me so I can give you a better resolution image without the watermark. I’m not in the photography business to make money, I do it because I enjoy it. However, if you profiting off my images, printing them and displaying as art or are otherwise just a fan of my work I ask that you please click donate button at the bottom of my pages and make a small donation. I’m not trying to make a fortune off donations, I’m just trying to keep up my hobby 🙂

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